How to register a private company in India

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The leading trend of entrepreneurship has attracted peoples in India too. People nowadays don’t want to stick to those old and boring 9 to 5 jobs but want to incorporate their company. Starting a business is not a walk in the park. It is quite a tedious process, and the first hurdle in this is registering your private limited company.

Registering a business is quite a confusing process as because of the various government formalities. Here is a brief guide that wills surely going to aid you to get your private limited company registered.

Registering for DIN and DIC

The first and foremost steps of registering your private limited company are by obtaining the DNC and DIC number that provides your business with a unique identity. The details about both are explained.

DIN stands for the director identification number and is a unique number for the person who wants to act as manager of the company. To have your DIN, you need to apply online and provide the website your personal information that includes your qualifications, address, and many things. The hard copy of the whole form should also be sent along with the incorporated documents to the ministry of company affairs for their assent.

DSC is a digital signature certificate which proves your identity as the owner of your company. The registration for DSC also requires all your personal information and the procedure is same as that of DIC.

Name of the company

The DIN provides a unique number for the company that acts as its identity for the government. The consumers or those who somehow take your business’s services recognize you by your business name. The company name serves as a trade mark and for your business and registering your desired name is also crucial.

The company has to select six different names according to their priority index and should also check that any other company does not already register the name they want.

After selecting the priority list of your business name and checking its availability, you should register the company name.

Selecting your business guidelines and objective

It is the most crucial part of registration as it describes the field of work that your business will work in. For this, the companies need to draft the memorandum of associations (MOA) and the article of partnerships (AOA). These are the sets of rules that are being defined by the government for the companies to act on. These also provide the state with the objectives and the way of working for the enterprise.

Completing the formalities

Completion and submission of every form are also important as they prove that you abide according to the policies of the government in running your company. The types are registered with the registrar of companies (ROC) that includes INC-7, INC-22, and DIR-12. These forms include the enclosures affidavits, identity proof, signature verifications, no objection certificate (NOC), letter of appointment, etc.

Paying the fees and duties and verification

All your registration process is incomplete unless you don’t pay the taxes and charges set by the ministry of company affairs. The MOC web portal lets you pay all the fees and duties online. When the registration is complete, your company’s forms are verified by the MOC, and they may ask for some modifications before they finally check them and put their assent on it.


Once all their formalities are done and are sent to MOC. The MOC verifies them and issues a digital certificate first which act as an authentication of your company and after this, your company is ready to operate and work.

What is distance education? How Distance education works? How its help us?


Before discussing the topic How Distance Education help students? Let me give you the small introduction about distance learning.

Distance learning otherwise called as Distance Learning is the education of students who may not by always be physically present at a school. Courses that are conducted are either hybrid, blended or 100% whole instruction. Massive open online courses (MOOCs), offering large-scale interactive participation and open access to the World Wide Web or other network technologies, are recent improvements in distance education. Some other terms are used roughly synonymous with distance learning.

How Distance learning works?

Distance Education courses are the flexible and advantageous way to deal with learning and offer the same fantastic instruction and preparing that you would anticipate from everyday learning encounters. With Distance Education, you are not secured to settle begin dates and time limits. For some, distance education offers the ideal chance to study and keep working, with a time allotment that is reasonable to your requirements.

When you register for your excellent course, they will send you the introductory course materials, and you can get start immediately. You finish a self-examination structure for us to designate the most appropriate guide given your points and explanations behind completing the course. Dynamically, you will finish and present your assignments to the school, and we will forward them to your mentor. When we get coach input, we will forward your checked task in addition to the following modules back to you, to permit you to proceed with your studies.

What are the benefits of distance education?

Distance learning can grow access to instruction and be preparing for both general masses and organizations since its flexible planning structure diminishes the impacts of the numerous time-requirements forced by individual obligations and commitments. As the populace everywhere turns out to be more required in long lasting adapting past the normal tutoring age, foundations can advantage monetarily, and grown-up learning business courses might be especially productive.

Some of the points about the benefits of distance education

  • Anyone can access training center from remote areas.
  • No exercise in futility or different assets in transport, driving to a focal area for every class.
  • Adaptability for those with irregular work routines.
  • Without a moment to spare adapting; more chances to consider the most current material accessible.
  • Availability for those with family obligations (e.g., guardians with youthful youngsters at home)
  • Availability for those with confined versatility (e.g., impeded, harmed, elderly).

Distance education makes everything else in the field of teaching. It helps every one of us to learn new skills. However some of the peoples have misconceptions about distance learning, but that’s not correct I think so. I completely agree with distance learning. What about you?

I have attached a video explaining what is Distance education?

Infosys linked with online education firms


Infosys Limited (earlier Infosys Technologies Limited) is an Indian multinational organization that gives business counseling, data innovation, and outsourcing administrations. The headquarters of Infosys was located in the Bangalore of Karnataka.

Infosys is the second-biggest Indian IT authorities team by 2016 incomes, and the fifth biggest manager of H-1B visa authority in the United States in FY 2013.  On 15 February 2015, its business sector capitalization was $42.51 billion, making it India’s 6th biggest traded on an open market organization.

Infosys Ltd is collaborating with three of the world’s driving e-learning firms – Udacity, Coursera, and edX – to help its odd employees learn new Artificial intelligent (AI) powered technologies.

Vishal Sikka is the first non-founder chief executive of Infosys, is likewise hoping to stimulate the pace at which it grasps Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computerization connected profitability measures. While interrogating with Vishal Sikka says “When we take a gander at requirements of tomorrow, we need to an accomplice. Thus, we have joined forces with these three instruction organizations”.

Offering online courses in innovation areas is the most recent in a series of measures Infosys has taken under Sikka to prepared its workforce upcoming days, and thus provides food better to customers—extending from Citigroup Inc. to Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

The potential manage the online instruction firms could likewise help Infosys pick up an edge over adversaries in the nation’s $150-billion outsourcing area.

Daphne Koller is the Coursera founder studied with Sikka at Stanford University, has had a meeting with her. He has likewise talked with Udacity founder Sebastian Thrun. In future weeks, Infosys will sign an agreement with online education firms. A representative for Infosys affirmed the improvement yet declined to share points of interest. Messages sent to edX and Coursera on Saturday went unanswered. But the spokesmen of the Infosys confirmed their tie-up with Udacity.

A few specialists trust that this change in the program by Infosys, a firm set up by N.R. Narayana Murthy and six companions in 1981, is encouraging.

Infosys is taking a gander at Udacity’s nano degree programs for its entrance level graduates and planning a pilot-based venture however which some learning courses offered by Coursera can be made accessible to its current workforce. Infosys pays for the learning modules which will be in the zone of data visualization or dialects, for example, Swift and Ruby.

“Vishal is forcefully attempting to change the way of life of Infosys, as he sees that at the center to driving the business sector in the excellent time,” said Bill Huber, overseeing executive at Alsbridge Inc., a US-based outsourcing counseling.

Benefits of Studying Abroad


Education is the one of the essential things that everyone wants to acquire. Pursuing a degree in abroad provides numerous professional and personal advantages for students. Studying abroad is one of the most valuable experiences for the student. It will change the life and make the student as the new person. Here is the some of the benefits students will get if they study abroad.

 Personal benefits of studying abroad

There is nothing very like being all alone in a foreign nation. You may observe that concentrate overseas indeed draws out your free nature. Understudies who focus overseas get to be pioneers of their new country and honestly find the interest and energy that they harbor. By studying and living in new abroad countries, students will gain experience on new heritage, culture, and values. Students studying abroad will become autonomous, independent, fearless, and also they learn to figure out how to explore and live easily in a foreign society.

See the World 


The ultimate reason to consider study abroad program is the chance to see the world. By studying abroad, you will encounter a fresh out of the new nation with mind blowing Points of view, traditions, and practices. While studying overseas students won’t be constrained to traveling in just the country in which they are studying on – but also they can visit neighboring countries too. The other advantage of student’s learning abroad the chances to see new landscapes, common miracles, exhibition halls and points of interest of your host country.

New Culture and Social Benefits


Most of the students leave their home for the first time to get a chance on studying abroad. When they reach new host country, they are captivated by the particular social points of view. The friends circle of the student will get enlarge they get friends from overseas.  The student one who enroll with foreign studies has better understanding and love for countrymen and their history, and also they have the opportunity to witness an entirely new way of life

Earn some life skills


The full inundation experience of living in the other nation manages you the chance to learn or master that country’s dialect at social, scholarly, and proficient levels. Learning abroad also boosts up leadership skills. Leadership styles may change from country to country and culture to culture. If you find out how its works? You will be a master of your works. It also helps you to learn about financial management.

Advanced education


As per sap hana online training institutes in hyderabad said, Education is the primary reason for visiting foreign countries. You should think about studying abroad is the opportunity to encounter diverse styles of instruction. By selecting in a studying abroad program, you’ll have the chance to see a side of your primary that you might not have been presented to at home.

All above this you learn a good lesson about life. You will know what the life is? Studying abroad definitely benefits you.

Tips to Find Good College for Higher Studies


After spending 18 years in school, you are going to move forward for you higher studies in college. In this situation, students have to take a decision about joining college. “What is the best way to choose a college? What are the qualities faculties needed? What is the best course to choose? “Are the some of the questions that confuse students from choosing their path for the future career?

The college is the not only for learning academic courses but also for learning life lessons, so you need to be careful. Each and every universities and college has its specialties and center of focus. In this article, I am going to give you some tips. Those tips help you to figure out best college for you Checkout the course catalogs

Check out the course catalogs

College catlouge

First of all, you must decide the course you want to join. Next, you need to test the course descriptions of the college. Check do they provide your deserved course? If yes! Check about the course type whether it is the full-time or part-time course.

Location of the institution

Decide the-the site of the college where you want to study. If you were from the rural area you want to startup in the new big city, this is a good time to escape, or if you satisfy with your home, it is better to stay there. However, after the graduation, if you concern about getting hire new city is safe and make sure that your college is near to potential employers.

Always think about your financial eligibility


Financial planning is essential because after getting into the course getting financial stress may make you get fail marks in your subjects. So before joining it is better to clarify everything about tuition fees, room fees and other types of taxes.

Scholarship Aid

Some colleges provide scholarship facility for students. If you need financial aid, you have to apply or enroll for it. The money from scholarship helps to pay for books and other essential things. Before using check this stuff out.

Interrogate with senior

Before getting into the college, find some friends those who are already studying in the college. Ask them about the Academic life, graduation rate, admission procedure and about their life in college.

Campus life


If you want beautiful and most active student life, so you need to live with other students. So find the college with most active on campus living. Same as a location of the campus the geographic size of the school is also necessary Small campus does not make right on campus experience.

Extracurricular activities


Rich social life is the one of the essential parts of college life. The activities like a field of study, recreational sports, volunteer groups, and religious organizations.

Moreover, this decision is important. University, you choose will decide your future. Choose wisely!

Malaysia Tourism


Malaysia, a country that attracts everyone irrespective of age. Kids to newly married couples to the old couples, everyone, is fond of Malaysia. Not for the sake of the place it is, but also for its culture and mouth-watering cuisine.

Now being the time for vacations, kids would love to go for a family outing with parents and siblings.  If you are planning to take your kids to Malaysia, then bring them to Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia.

The city with full of places where kids and family can enjoy their shopping, playing and also have mouth watering delicious dishes. And not to forget to stay comfortably as if you are at your home.

Petronas Tower is most famous as twin skyscrapers. And this tower has 88 floors. Can you just imagine how tall the building is?? Isn’t the most amazing thing?

Malaysia City View

Marine life has always been attractive for all age groups in the world. Looking at different species of fishes, turtles are always a very pleasant way of admiring the gifts of nature. So if you are an admirer of the beautiful marine nature, you find an aquarium in Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is another tourist attraction place in Malaysia, where 200 species of birds attract visitors. To the adjacent of this park, one can find the lake garden. Lake garden or the Perdana Botanical Garden is also a place which is so beautiful to see and also it has many stories to tell to its visitors. One among them is that the garden served as the refuge during the colonial periods in the country.

The forest of Malaysia

You can see more for Malaysia tour packages from Kumar tour which is based at Hyderabad

If you are one among the people who loves arts and have a great love and interest for it, then I would surely suggest you visit the Islamic Art Museum. This is the largest Islamic Art museum in South East Asia. It has a vast collection of about 7000 artifacts from the Islamic world.

We have all seen a Hindu renowned temple of Lord Murugan in most of the Tamil movies. And this temple is situated in the Batu cave. This cave is shortly referred as 10th Caves.

Malaysia Murugan Statue

Tropical Gem Langkawi is an Island, recognized as the most beautiful island in the world. If you visit there, it’s sure you will enjoy the nature being there. And also, you can experience the fun of traveling in cable cars also. Lake Kenyir is the largest man-made lake in the Southeast Asia. When you visit this lake you will find small islands, amazing caves and mind blowing waterfalls and if lucky enough one can also see few wild animals. You will feel as if you are in a heaven.

Redang Beach of Malaysia

Do you want to experience some thrill and have exciting games? Then I would recommend you to visit Perhentian Island. Island offers you with scuba diving, water taxis and much more. You don’t have to worry about returning after having an exotic day. Because the island also has lodging facilities available with a tasty cuisine too.

Playing in water is loved by all since ages. Malaysia also doesn’t disappoint you in the matter of water games. Malacca Wonderland is a water theme park where one will not wish to come out of it so soon after spending time in the water park with exotic and enthusiastic water games.

Exploring caves are quite a rare hobby. But if you would like to have an exploring session then go for Gua Tempurung cave. It’s more than 3km long and longest cave in Malaysia. I know and sure enough to say you would love the exploration of the cave.

Before you travel to Malaysia, you need to check your transportation status whether you ticket is confirmed or not. Because Malaysia in very strict in transportation facilities. If you are traveling in the train in Malaysia, you need to check your PNR status is confirmed.

Education system in Malaysia

malay edu

In Malaysia, Federal Government is the responsibility of Education. But it was overseen by the Ministry of Education. The education in Malaysia was divided into

  • Preschool education
  • Primary education
  • Secondary education
  • Post-secondary education
  • Tertiary education.

According to the rule, everyone in Malaysia wants to get primary education. Government f Malaysia provided free education to everyone from the multilingual public school system.

Preschool Education:

 It is not compulsory to attend preschool, but most of the child starts their education at the age of 3 in kindergarten. Preschool education lasts stands up to 2 years. Most of the preschools are provided by private organizations as a business, and some others are provided by religious groups and government.

Primary education:

Primary education in Malaysia is compulsory. Primary education in Malaysia long lasts up to 6 years. Primary education was divided into two levels. Year one to three as level one and years 3 to six as level two. Primary School Achievement Test is the process that allows the student to admit in secondary education.

A primary school in Malaysia was divided into two based on the medium of instruction.

  • Malay-medium National school
  • Non- Malay-Medium National school or vernacular schools

However, Malay and English is the compulsory subject in all the schools. The minimum requirement age for attending Primary education is 7.

Secondary education:

After completing primary educations students are permitted to attend secondary education. National Secondary Schools provides public secondary education in Malaysia. These schools are under the instructions of Malay medium and English is the main subject.

Secondary education lasts up to 5 years. They referred first three years as Lower secondary education and next 2 year as upper secondary education. They have a rule each and every student attend secondary must participate in any extracurricular activates.

The residential schools in Malaysia are called as science school. These schools are based on the model of British Boarding school.

Post Secondary education:

Students can pursue post-secondary education for two years after completing their Post-secondary education. Students have to prepare in university level to pursuing higher education. The minimum qualification for pursuing post-secondary education is attending primary and secondary education for 12 years. Post-secondary education was providing by the government along with private sector.

Tertiary education:

Tertiary education includes undergraduate and postgraduate studies. These tertiary educations are given by main institutions like colleges, universities, institute and polytechnic colleges.

Ministry of higher education was responsible for tertiary education. English is the medium of instruction used in every private and public university.

There are 20 public universities and 40 private universities along with 5 foreign universities are situated in Malaysia and also it has more than 500 private colleges in it.

Education Forum


What is education forum? How it help us? This is the one of the common question heard whenever I speak about in with my friends. Actually, Forum is an internet page or group or organization that allows its user to share their ideas, opinion and information on the focused topic. So Education forum is something like here user shares their thoughts on education. Education forum can be used as the learning tool where teachers and students can interrogate their ideas. The ultimate power of a Forum is it can make a great revolution in any subject but it’s not a blog.

Characteristic of good forum:

Most important thing to an environment of the forum wants to be open and user-friendly. The forum must have students in it because it is running for benefits of students. It also needs group of experts those who can suggest some ideas for learners. It wants to encourage the students to give feedback and suggestions. Students should experience the benefit of the thread discussion. User must use humor and emotions to convey ideas and feelings

How do they help us?

In thousand ways educational forum benefits us but the primary benefit of Education forum is giving. First of all, it changes the way of learning. Most ultimate use of the educational forum is it favors the learners it helps them to learn more. And also, it heats up a discussion and turns it into the high-quality decision. The posts and comments passed by the student in the forum give great solution for many problems.

It also helps the students to concentrate me there reading skills that reflect on their response. The post in the forms makes the readers to spend some time for reading and also it encourage them to research the topic before posting their opinion in such environment. It also motivates the social involvement of current generations.

A well-organized form improves the writing skills of users. According to the studies, most of the students write more in online than ever before because of forums. Students share their ideas independently forums helps force them to write more.

Benefits of the online educational forum don’t stop with this it also helps the users to improve their communication skills. The online forum is the best way to communicate particularly with students when teacher and lectures are not available. It also creates good communication between school and students. The online form is the ideal place to learn something new and also it gives best solutions for many problems.

Education System – Abroad

It is commonly seen in students for lining them up to go abroad for further studies. The first and leading reason of studying abroad are the ever increasing competition in the education sector in India.  However, for most parents, the division between academia within India and abroad is still not clear. Proper attentiveness among parents and students are expectable if they understand the difference between the academia in India and abroad. The education system itself is not same like grading system etc. and it wouldn’t be an inappropriate observation at all. However, this opinion is only the tip of the iceberg.

education abroad

Colleges follow either the semester based or the yearly examination patterns in India. On the other hand, universities in abroad, especially in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong, offer course credits. Students receive the credit hours based on their number of “contact hours” per week in class, for one term. (A contact hour means any lecture or session when the professor is teaching the student while they apply the course information to an activity.)

A double degree benefit is provided by foreign universities that attract students from India. Indian education is very strict in terms of courses offered and the way these are taught. But most foreign universities are flexible and you can choose from a range of subjects. A student can choose to do even dual major, minor and free elective courses.

Studying abroad really brings out the independent nature of student. Students who study abroad become explorers of the new nation and discover the interest and pleasure that they harbor.

Another benefit to studying abroad is the opportunity to discover yourself while gaining an understanding of a different culture. Being in a new place by yourself can be irresistible at times, and it tests your capability to adapt to varied situations while being able to problem solve.

abroad opt

Most courses in colleges and universities of abroad are 3 Semester Credit Hours (SCH) or 45-48 contact hours. They meet for three hours per week over a 15-week semester. In the USA, this credit unit is known as Carnegie Unit, in European countries credit system known as the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). Even in India, most of the engineering colleges follow the course credit system. The number of ‘Contact Hours’ in a week for a particular course decides its credit value. Normally, students must collect 2 to 5 credits to complete the course. The GPA is calculated on a scale of 10, with the weighted average of the grades received in respective courses.

Rakabroad, an overseas educational consultants said that, the education offered by Universities of abroad is one of the most holistic ways for personality development. Even though the factors like research and practical approach play the key role, the way weekly study hours are separated is also most remarkable. The graduate and postgraduate study hours are divided in a way which allows students’ to distribute their time for everything related to academics, including to simply pursue pleasure activities. Education in abroad gives you the chance to experience the education in the different country.

Apart from this, better job prospects are another major reason for studying abroad. Most global companies preferred the candidates who can work well in their own country as well as abroad. And thus getting the education from a foreign university is an added advantage and helps the person to secure the career. Studying abroad also improves one’s personality, communication skills, social contacts, and at the same time, one can experience a different quality of life.

When you finish your study in abroad and return home, you return with a new outlook on culture, language skills, a great education, and a willingness to learn. Needless to state that, all of these mentioned qualities are attractive to future employers.

Many students started to love the country where they get their education that they decide to seek work there. You can also relate that you will find that a local education will be very valuable when searching for a job in that country.

Also, if we compare the curriculum of Indian and foreign universities,  the latter is better than the former. Progressive methods of teaching in foreign universities help in personality development and hence attract students. Foreign university students do lots of experiments with the model and style of teaching which is not done in India. Infrastructure facilities are also much better in foreign universities.

The opportunity of working while studying and scholarships brings down the burden of fee in foreign universities. But in India, the same is provided only during an internship.

Because of these all fundamental differences in education, competition, quality of life, job after completing the studies, overall personality development etc, force most of the students and their parents to go to the foreign universities for further studies.

Unfortunately, No top Indian University is featuring in the list of world top university.

St. George’s Cathedral, Chennai

St. George’s Cathedral was the Cathedral church of southern India which was situated in the Diocese of Madras. The church was marked in the central part of the Chennai city.

image 2

History of St. George’s Cathedral

St. George has the important place in the history of Christians. The Cathedral was inaugurated in Sept 1964, but the church was opened in 1815.The constructions work of this church was completed by the people’s fund. It cost 200287 Indian rupees to construct this site.

The plan for this church was laid by the Senior Engineer Col. J. L. Caldwell ad the construction work was finished by his assistance De Havilland.

Mind blowing beauty of Cathedral.

The architecture of the cathedral was marked for its tall spire and unparallel pillars. The architectural grandeur of the Cathedral was in the elegant tier of steps. The cathedral was not only famous for the tall spire and pillar but also for its high-class statues, mural tablets, and memorials inside. The beautified memorials and the stoned articles speak about the history of the Great Men and Women, those who are contributed to the cathedral worshiped and prayed in the house of God.

The stained glass windows in the church add a beauty spices to the church. Two glasses in the altars said about the two different life stages of Jesus. The glass in the left panel describes the Baptism of the Jesus and the right side panel quoted about the life of Jesus with Mary Magdalene. The glass panels were also attached to the top of every door in the Cathedral. Sunlight gets filter through this glass panels and leaves the entire Cathedral bathed in rich, warm hues. It shows the example of medieval art in the church.

St. George’s Cathedral house of Memories:

The statue of the first bishop of Chennai, Rt. Rev. Daniel Corrie was placed in the Left entrance of the church. The statue of Rt. Rev. Thomas Dealtry was kept in the main entrance of the church. And the entrance of the Lady Chapel was furnished with the statue of Rt. Rev. Frederick Gell, Bishop of Madras.

The memorial tablet of first India bishop was Rt. Rev. David Chellappa was consecration and installed in the year 1955 was the important occasion of the church.

And also, this church has many memories of British soldiers, police officers, religious leaders, businessmen, educationists, judges, medical officers, engineers, and their families.

Bell in Cathedral.

The founder of Messrs Mears & Steinbeck manufactured and presented eight bells to the St. George’s Cathedral during Christmas 1873. The size of the bells varies from one other. These bells are installed in the central portion of the church 50 meters above from the ground level.

Management of Cathedral

St. George’s Cathedral has well-organized management. The members of the management were elected by the people, its democratic system, and each and every member of Cathedral has their own work to do. Even though it is a democratic system the members of the management want to work under the leadership of Presbyter and Associate Presbyter.

for more information you can visit,_Chennai